Every celebration deserves a delicious cake, and birthdays are no exception! Another year is marked, and what better way to do that than with a delicious cake? But why settle for a plain old cake when you can have a show-stopping themed masterpiece? Themed birthday cakes are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to any birthday party, be it for a child, an adult who’s young at heart, or anyone in between.

This blog post dives into the process of making trendy-themed cakes, giving you a plethora of ideas to make your next birthday celebration unforgettable. From classic favourites to the latest fads, we’ve got something for everyone!

Top 10 Trending Birthday Cake Themes in Lebanon 2024

1. Superhero Cake Theme 


Superheroes never go out of style, especially when it comes to kids theme birthday cakes. Picture the joy on your child’s face when they spot their favourite superhero adorning their cake! 

Whether it’s Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, these superhero cakes can be sculpted into 3D marvels or adorned with stunning fondant figures. 

With a superhero cake, your little hero will feel invincible, ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

2. Football Theme Birthday Cake


Score a winning goal with a football theme birthday cake that celebrates the sports enthusiast in your child’s life. 

This popular idea, often seen at adult birthday cake, can also be a fun choice for young athletes. 

Imagine a cake adorned with green frosting, white laces, and maybe even their favourite team’s logo – it’s a surefire way to kick off the celebration with a bang!

3. Jungle Theme Cake


Hosting a popular kids’ theme birthday party in Lebanon? How about a jungle theme cake for your little one? It’s a fun and unique theme cake. If your kid loves animals, then this cake is one of the best themed birthday cakes. 

Also, adding the animal patterns and green grass decorations to the tiers gives a visually appealing design. 

But the true centrepiece is a tall giraffe standing on top, making the whole scene feel like a real safari adventure. With this cake, your party will roar with excitement!

4. Princess Theme Cake


Every little girl dreams of having a princess theme party, where she may dress up like a fairy princess and celebrate with a pleasant, attractive theme. 

The princess theme cake is a perfect combination of a light and moist sponge foundation and fresh buttercream toppings. 

The group of fairy princesses decorates the top of the cake. From Frozen Disney inspired to fairies, this princess theme cake is what your child will remember for years.

5. Candy Cake Theme


Every little girl with a sweet tooth adores candy, making a candy cake theme present will be the ultimate delight for any birthday celebration. A candy cake would be the perfect centrepiece for a kids’ birthday party, especially for a theme like Candy Land. 

This delightful candy cake theme features a canvas adorned with colourful candies, lollipops, and sugar crystals glistening like cherries on top.

6. Cinderella Cake Theme


Who ever said fairy tales only belong on the movie screen and book pages? This Cinderella cake is a tale spun right onto a platter. 

Just like Cinderella herself, every girl is a princess deserving of something as special as this cake. 

The Cinderella cake theme is known for its intricate designs inspired by the iconic Cinderella story, showcasing elements such as glass slippers, carriages, and, of course, the beautiful Cinderella herself.

7. Butterfly Theme Birthday Cake


A butterfly theme birthday cake with cute butterfly decorations is another beautiful way to celebrate a birthday with adorable butterfly décor. 

A cake can be designed in any colour scheme, size, or even with any type of butterfly. The multi-layer cake is adorned with beautiful butterflies, thereby giving every guest a taste of enchantment. 

This allows you to create a cake that is truly unique and special, as is the occasion you’re celebrating.

8. Super Mario Cake


The Super Mario Cake theme is apt for fans of the classics, as they love the game series. This cake, with decorated cutout characters from this legendary video game, will not only appeal to the visitors’ eyes but also bring back memories from their childhood. 

It is a great recipe that will surely please everyone at any gathering, be it a birthday party, a game night, or any other event in general. With its vibrant design and playful theme, this Super Mario cake is sure to steal the spotlight at adult birthday parties and beyond.

9. Mermaid Theme Cake


Mermaid theme cake is still hugely popular, and it’s not surprising why. It’s no wonder why mermaid theme cakes are still a hit – kids just can’t get enough of the magic of under-the-sea adventures. 

This beautiful piece of cake will undoubtedly become the brightest spot of the party with its rainbow of pastel colours, those bright pops of glitter, and all the sweet sea creatures. 

So let your guests dive into a magical underwater extravaganza with a mermaid theme cake and treat them to a fun time!

10. Circus Theme Cake


Bring the entertainment of a circus to your kid’s party with a circus theme cake. This lively cake can be decorated with colourful tents, cheerful clowns, impressing elephants standing on one leg, and also a naughty monkey suspended above the cake. 

This delicious and beautiful circus theme cake will add charm to any celebration.

Wrapping It Up!!!

We’re glad you enjoyed those themed cakes! Themed parties are a blast when everything comes together. Be it flavours, decorations, or styles, we offer a wide range of options for kids’ birthday cakes, all made with healthy ingredients and edible decorations. Whether it’s a playful design for a kids birthday or adding a delicious touch to special events, count on our delightful themed cakes at Special Events Lebanon.

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