Is your kid’s birthday around the corner? What’s better than throwing a themed birthday bash for your little one that gets them excited for their birthday? Choosing a theme is the first step towards planning an epic birthday party, and for picky kids, it can be a tricky situation.

Welcome to our today’s guide on popular party themes for celebrating kids’ birthdays in Lebanon. We’ve rounded up kids birthday party themes that will appeal to kids with every obsession. In this blog, we’ll explore exciting themes that will keep your kids and their friends entertained throughout the celebration.

So, without any further ado, let’s get this party started! 

Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes in Lebanon 2024

1. Princess Birthday Theme

Is your little angel enchanted by Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Jasmine from Aladdin? If so, consider the Princess Birthday Theme for your little princess’s birthday. You can either DIY or hire a professional like Special Events Lebanon who specializes in event organization and management, like kids birthday party themes.

Create a fairytale atmosphere with enchanting decorations, regal table settings, and delicious treats. For entertainment, consider a storytime featuring iconic princesses or host a costume parade where the birthday girl takes center stage as her favorite royal character.

Trust our words; this royal-inspired theme will make your little one go to a world of make-believe and unforgettable memories.

2. Jungle Theme

Your wild kid needs a wild celebration on their birthday, and a Jungle Theme Birthday Party is exactly what you should opt for!

With little effort, you can transform your celebration space into a jungle with vibrant decorations, thrilling activities like animal-mask making, and maybe even a cutout of your kid’s favorite animals.

You can also consider some great jungle decor items to play around with to make your jungle theme birthday party an instant hit.

You can choose jungle-inspired treats, especially your kids’ favorite animals, to satiate their hunger pangs and create an unforgettable experience personalized to your child’s special day.

3. Circus Theme

Want to go beyond the usual princess or mermaid theme birthday? Let the show begin with a circus theme birthday party!

From clowns, acrobats, and jugglers entertaining your young guests to colorful decorations and circus-themed games adding fun to the excitement, the circus theme birthday party will surely be a hit among your young audience.

Don’t forget the cake! A 3-ring circus cake or one decorated with a circus tent will be a showstopper.

This whimsical theme is a perfect addition to our list of exciting birthday themes alongside classics like mermaid, princess, superhero options (spiderman, batman), Mickey Mouse, and many more!

4. Butterfly or Fairy Theme

Planning a kids birthday celebration for your little one in Lebanon? Choose a butterfly or fairy theme birthday bash if your little one is into butterfly fairies!

Hire professionals to transform your birthday space into a fairy world and let your child’s imagination take flight as they celebrate their special day amidst fluttering wings, sparkling lights, and beautiful butterfly wings or flower garlands.

Experiment a bit with your celebration style and make your birthday celebration such they’ll never forget!

5. Football Theme

Want your kid to feel extra special on their big day? Ditch the ordinary kids birthday party themes and score big with a football theme birthday party. Make your birthday space feel like a football stadium.

Consider decorating your space with your kids favorite team colors, mini footballs, and maybe even a selfie booth for clicking pictures with their idol, and a football-shaped birthday cake.

Whether they dream of becoming the next Messi or Ronaldo, the football theme birthday party will be a sure success that’ll keep the young one cheering for more!

6. Mermaid Theme Birthday

Let’s dive into the next party theme that’s literally an ocean of fun for kids of all ages. We’re referring to – the Mermaid Theme Birthday Party, also called Under the Sea Birthday Theme.

Transform the place where you’ll be hosting the birthday bash into an underwater wonderland. You can hang seashells, centerpieces with colorful fish and seaweeds, and sea-inspired treats. You can even set up a bubble machine to add a touch of whimsy.

Also, don’t forget to add a themed cake for birthday decorated with seashells and ocean creatures; it’ll be a hit among the army of little ones. Let your child and their friends experience the wonder of mermaids with a Mermaid Theme Birthday, creating unforgettable memories.

7. Superheros Birthday Theme

Is your kid a superhero fan? Make their dream come to reality by throwing a birthday bash with a superhero birthday theme.

Be it Batman or Spiderman, bring your child’s favorite comic book characters to life with action-packed decorations and thrilling activities. With little efforts and dedication, you can create a super adventurous celebration.

So, whenever you’re in doubt selecting the kids birthday party themes, go with the little fan’s favorite superhero theme birthday party. This action-packed theme is sure to have your child and their friends feeling like they have superpowers of their own, creating a birthday celebration that they’ll cherish for ages!


We hope today’s guide sparked some exciting ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday bash in Lebanon! Be it a mermaid theme birthday party or Barbie theme inspired bash to upcoming popular birthday themes like football theme birthday and Batman birthday theme celebration, the options for celebrating your kids’ birthday are endless. They are the perfect theme to match your child’s interests and create a celebration they’ll never forget.

Need help with planning or ideas for inspiration to plan your kids’ birthday? Contact Special Events Lebanon, the best event planners and managers in Beirut, Lebanon, we’ll help you throw a birthday celebration that will have your kid remember it for years to come!

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