Are you an expecting couple and want ideas for baby shower decorations? Or are you a happily married couple hitting a milestone and looking for ideas on decorations for parties? Or is your kids’ birthday next week, and you’re yet to finish the birthday theme and are looking for a themed party planner in Lebanon? Whatever the case, theme-based parties are a sure-shot way to make your party lively. But to plan a theme-based party, you need a few extra things to consider to make it the best theme party.

Our guide to party event planning tips will make your themed party successful. Whether choosing the birthday theme or selecting decorations for parties, we’ll cover everything. We’re here to ensure your theme-based party is a tale that will last forever.

Tips for Planning the Best Theme Party

1. Choosing the Perfect Theme

themed party planner

If you want a simple and subtle party, you can skip to the next point. But if you’re quite the opposite, then stick around.

Choosing an event-appropriate birthday theme can be a game-changer. It can set the tone of the full event and help determine the birthday party decor that excites you and the guests.

If it’s a themed party for an adult’s birthday, you can consider setting up a karaoke bar or retro arcade. Otherwise, you can consider featuring their favorite cartoons if it’s a theme-based party for kids.

Additionally, if you’re more of a season-based person, explore season-appropriate options. For instance, you can opt for summer theme party decorations and host a poolside birthday bash if it’s summer. And if you’re hosting a party in the winter, consider winter theme party decorations.

The bottom line is to choose a birthday theme that reflects the birthday star’s vision and personality. They will remember the event for a long time!

2. Setting the Date and Venue

themed party planner

When planning a theme-based party, it’s obvious to jump straight into the fun parts of the birthday planning. Still, before doing so, you’ll need to cover the basics. Start by selecting the date and venue of the big day’s celebration. This will ensure the rest of the birthday party is on track and seamless.

Consider your guests’ availability and the ideal atmosphere for your birthday theme. For instance, consider your favorite theme and preferences while selecting a suitable location. Based on this, you can organize party event planning at an outdoor garden, a banquet hall, or your home.

Finalizing these details early will allow you to focus on the fun—birthday theme decorations and party activities!

3. Planning the Decor

themed party planner

When it comes to hosting a popular themed birthday party, a captivating ambiance is essential. If it’s a theme-based party for a kid, ensure party classics like cartoon banners, streamers, and balloons. If it’s a themed parties for adults, ensure there’s tableware and the party basics. Ensure nothing’s missing, from glasses and dinner plates to table linens and centerpieces.

Bonus Tip: Instead of buying the decorations for parties material, it’s better to contact a rental agency/event planner in Lebanon. Special Events Lebanon is a qualified event planner to rent birthday theme decoration materials and equipment.

4. Selecting Entertainment and Activities

themed party planner

The decor will leave the guests in awe, but the activities will keep it moving. Consider it the heart of the celebration. Think of interactive entertainment and activities like live music and themed playlists for games. You can also feature performance artists and dabke dance sessions for your guests. This will allow your guests to mingle, make new friends, and stay entertained throughout the evening. The bottom line is that you want your guests to be entertained while they are at your event. Thus, choosing the right activities will add excitement to your theme-based party.

5. Sorting the Best Possible Menu

themed party planner

Although the birthday cake takes center stage during the birthday celebration, what about food and drinks? And since it’s a Lebanese party, food brings a kaleidoscope of sensory elements to mind, making it vital in Lebanese culture.

Come up with a menu that’ll add flavor to the party. Suppose it’s a kid’s birthday party. In that case, you can add colorful pasta salad, animal-shaped nuggets, mini manakish, pizza, and fries for the child and their friends. If the birthday theme party is for an adult, consider dishes like tabbouleh, fatayer b sabanekh, mezze platter, and more. Also, don’t forget to add refreshing drinks to the menu!

Note: Consider your guests’ dietary preferences and restrictions to ensure they can indulge in all kinds of food.

6. Invitation and Guest List Management

Lastly, creating an invitation list of guests is one of the most essential factors to include in your plan before hosting the themed party.

When creating the complete guest list, consider essential friends, family members, and important people. Try to add those people who can attend the party, or at least try to attend. Strike a balance between inviting too many people and having an intimate gathering.

Once you’re done creating the guest list, send themed invitations well in advance. Clearly outline the birthday theme party details, such as the date, time, location, and dress code (if any). Also, remember to keep track of RSVPs and guest preferences to ensure that the themed party is hosted smoothly and conveniently.

With these tips, your themed birthday party will be a matter of the moment that everyone will cherish and rejoice for a long time.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up today’s guide on tips for theme-based party planning, remember that throwing a theme-based party requires careful consideration of several things. Be it choosing the perfect theme, selecting the best menu, or managing the guest list, you need to consider many things.

So, follow our detailed tips if you’re hosting a birthday celebration, need help with baby shower decorations, or any other themed party. Our detailed guide will help you with a celebration that everyone will remember.

For further information on how to decorate a party theme or what to include in your plan to host the best theme party, contact Special Events Lebanon. We are Lebanon’s leading event planners and managers, helping individuals like you with party event planning and execution. Contact us now!

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