Are you hosting a family gathering, your kid’s birthday party, or a special occasion that calls for celebration? If so, make sure to have a theme to set the tone of the celebration.

Don’t know where to start? We guess that’s why you’re here. Relax, remove the pressure from the equation, and let the professional themed party planners in Lebanon do the work for you!

In this all-inclusive guide, we have covered all aspects that will ensure the success of your event. Whether it is choosing the right venue for a themed party for adults or when one should send an invitation to the wedding shower themed party, we have captured all the basic steps. Let’s make your celebration rock!!!

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One Month Before the Party

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your party will set the tone of the celebration. Refer a friend, research online, or consult a themed party planner for party-theme ideas. If it’s a themed party for adults, think of a popular local trend like Arak cocktail night featuring unique Lebanese drinks.

Determine Your Budget

One of the most essential aspects of the themed party that most individuals ignore is determining the budget. Set a budget, prioritize must-haves, and allocate wisely. Also, ensure you have a contingency fund to deal with unexpected costs.

Select a Date and Time

If it is a birthday themed party, then there might be limited choices when it comes to the selection of the date and time of the party. However, if you want to organize a party that has bridal shower themes different from the above-mentioned ones or of any other type, then you should bear in mind such factors as the availability of the main guest, possible weather conditions, and other events.

Book the Venue

While making the reservations for the venue, try to align them with the theme of the event. Think about the number of people you will be inviting, the kind of atmosphere you would like to set for the occasion, and any other factors that will make the occasion wonderful.

Arrange Entertainment

Want to ensure high energy levels at your themed party? Think about including entertainment and activities. Arrange magicians and bouncy castles if it’s a themed birthday party for a kid. If the event is a themed party for adults, consider hiring a dabke dance troupe, a fortune teller, or a dance floor.

Make a Guest List

Don’t go overboard while creating the guest list. Select the theme, venue capacity, and important guests for a great and exciting occasion. Choose plus-ones in advance to control the number of guests attending.

Plan the Menu

When planning what to feed the guests for the themed party, it would be advisable to include some of the best Lebanese foods as well as foods that are associated with the theme. Think about the guests’ likes and dislikes and possible food allergies when choosing what to offer. Furthermore, do not neglect to add some more themed cake or dessert tables for that extra flair.                                                                       

Send Invitations

Once you are through with other things that pertain to your themed party, you should send invitations to the guests. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information about the party, like the date, time, theme, dress code, and an RSVP deadline for the number of attendees and food orders.


A Week Before the Party

Follow Up on RSVPs

Just a week before you host your party, follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed yet to finalize the number of guests and make certain of the right seating, food, and activities.

Confirm All Deliveries and Pickups

Another essential thing to remember is to double check your delivery and pickup. Make a handy list of all the items you’ve ordered, including rentals (decor, furniture), desserts, themed cake, dessert tables, and entertainment for a stress-free party.

The Day Before the Party

Shop for Last-Minute Items

In the hotch-potch of hosting the party, you might leave out one or two essentials. Don’t worry; you still have time! Shop for last minute items to ensure you have all the essentials and avoid any last minute rush.

Check Your Party Program and Checklist

Review your party planning checklist to have peace of mind that the celebration will be memorable and eventful. Make sure everything is covered and relevant to your theme.

Prepare the Event Space

Transform your event space into a themed destination by arranging decor, seating, and lighting according to your theme. Make sure everything is in place to match your party’s theme. It should reflect the true colors and vibrancy of the event.

On the Day of the Party

Be a Great Host and Welcome Your Guests

Once you’ve checked over every part of the themed party for adults or kids one last time, it’s time to be a great host. Welcome your guests with a smile and a warm “Ahlan Vasahlan!” and let them become comfortable. If they’re new to the celebration, introduce them to others for a better celebration.

Enjoy the Event

Remember, as the host of a wonderful gathering, never forget why you held it in the first place: to have fun with your loved ones. Relax and mingle with your guests, participate in activities, and embrace the celebration spirit.

wedding themed party

After the Party

Personalized Thank You Note

Although the clean-up after the act might give you blues, don’t forget to thank the helpers and vendors. Also, send a personalized thank-you note or card to all guests, thanking them for attending and contributing to the success of themed party for adults or kids.

Lastly, don’t forget to upload an Instagram-worthy picture on social media and tag your guests who attended your celebration.

Hire Professional Themed Party Planners in Lebanon for a Memorable Celebration

Planning a themed party can be thrilling, yet it can also feel overwhelming. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be that way.

Whether you’re planning a party with unique bridal shower themes or are looking for the best theme party ideas to host a party with birthday themes for adults & kids, a professional themed party planner can step in to help. Be it venue selection and planning the menu to invitation management and post-celebration favors, professional-themed party planners take the stress out of party planning.

Looking for a reliable partner to help you host an evening to remember? Reach out to Special Events Lebanon! As the most reputed themed party planner in Lebanon, Special Events Lebanon has a portfolio of unforgettable celebrations. We work with you to make your vision of hosting a themed party for adults or kids a reality!

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