Do you want to organize a private event for your business or family occasion? Great! The idea of hosting a private event appears to be more achievable and realistic when there is a clear plan to follow. However, in most cases, people are not sure where to begin with.

Being an agency that specializes in private party planning in Lebanon, we have had experience in organizing different types of private parties. That is why we have prepared for you a detailed and simple guide on how to organize a great celebration that your guests will remember.

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7 Must-Follow Tips for a Successful Private Party

1. Decide Your Party’s Budget

A budget is one of the most important elements for organizing your party; it will determine the further course of a successful private party. The first step when preparing a budget is to identify the total amount of money you are willing to spend. 

Once you have fixed your budget then focus on the aspects which are important to you most and then divide them in equal proportions between food and drinks, entertainment, equipment and decorations and other things. 

Do not go overboard on one part of your party and leave other areas lacking. Some research can reveal costs for each component and can guide your budgeting. 

Moreover, do not forget that when organizing a private party at home, you can face additional expenses, for which you can set up a contingency fund. By following these simple tips, you can organize a private party and make everyone have fun without spending too much money. 

2. Choose a Date and Time

Once you’ve decided on the budget for the event, it’s time to move on to the next aspect of the party: selecting the appropriate date and time. It will be advisable to have a few dates and times in mind but do not limit yourself to a particular day and time. 

Ensure that the guests are around on the date that you have chosen for the event. Also, do not choose the date that falls near a holiday, long weekend, as many people plan their parties during such times, and they will not be able to come to your party. 

As for time, it is better to choose it according to the theme of the party. If the occasion is official, then it is better to have it in the evening when people come back from work (from 7-10 PM). In case the private party is for celebration then the late-evening party, that is after 10 PM would be appropriate. 

Pro Tip: Send a “Save the Date” early to check the first response and keep the party window open!

3. Determine the Location

You have decided to organize a private party that all the participants will never forget; that is great indeed! But have you decided on the venue to host it? Are you planning to host your party at your house or do you need to reserve a venue? Will it be held indoors or outside? These are some of the key questions to answer before you decide on the location.

Therefore, if you are interested in considering affordable yet different places to host your event, consider visiting community centers, parks with all the necessary permits, or your backyard! 

Need a new place? Select from private event spaces such as banquet halls, restaurants, clubs, bars, movie theaters, art studios and many more. 

But before you book a venue, consider these things:

– What is the maximum and minimum capacity of the venue in terms of guests?

– Is there a parking lot?

– Is the venue equipped with all the necessary facilities?

– Are there any limitations with vendors?

– How much of a private affair is the party going to be?

– Which mode of public transport is there?

4. Select the Party Theme

Although it is not necessary to have a theme for the party, it will surely enhance the level of fun, excitement, and glee. It can in some way give the event a special occasion kind of feel.

If you’re selecting a theme, one of the best places to begin is with the purpose for having a party in the first place. What is the purpose of hosting this event? Did you achieve a goal? Are you celebrating your birthday or are you and your partner planning to celebrate an upcoming arrival of your baby?

After you have selected the theme, attempt to incorporate other elements of the event into it. From the food and drinks, decorations, and even dress code (which should be made more optional), a well-infused theme will ensure that the guests can interact with other guests and have a celebration that they will always remember.

However, it is important to note that a themed space should be planned and coordinated in a way that other elements of the party will fit into nicely. If possible, try to get a professional private party event planner to handle your event in a comprehensive manner.

5. Planning Your Guest List and Sending Invitation

Regardless of whether you are planning a black-tie affair or an entertaining party, a guest list will assist you in making some decisions. It will assist in determining the amount of food, drinks, and decorations that are necessary for a themed event. 

Therefore, before you set out to draft the guest list, it is advisable that you consider the level of interaction between the guests that will be invited so as to foster a positive and relaxed atmosphere during the event.

Once you have finalized your list of guests, decide on how to deliver the invitation. Share it in an email, through your social network, or by sending an invitation in the mail. Ensure that your invitation includes all the key information like date, time, venue, dress code if any, and an RSVP date to assist with arrangements and food.

Last but not the least, do not forget to send out those invitations on time to guarantee a great attendance.

6. Curate the Food and Drinks Menu

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a casual outdoor event, it’ll be considered incomplete if the delightful menu is missing from the action. So, curate the food and drink menu for a successful private party in Lebanon.

When choosing the menu, consider the party’s theme, style, and dietary restrictions for your guests.

If you’re hosting a casual event, you can opt for finger foods like shawarma, burgers, and pizza that go well with cocktails and non-alcoholic beverage options. And if you aim to host a sit-down dinner, you can offer a mix of traditional Lebanese dishes like mezze, kebabs, tabbouleh, falafel, and baklava alongside popular international options.

Also, consider vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options like moussaka and lentil soup, mujaddara, and malfouf salad to accommodate dietary restrictions.

7. Entertainment and Activities

Finally, consider incorporating some entertaining ideas into your party to make your event more interactive and lively. You may select a DJ or live dabke dance group with music to maintain the spirits high.

You can also consider having some traditional games such as Shesh Besh or even backgammon for your guests to have fun as they engage in a competition or even an open photo booth with Lebanese related props for some fun times.

When hiring a private event planner for entertainment activities, ensure that they are reliable and have a good reputation. Moreover, it is crucial to go through the portfolio and reviews the firm to avoid some unexpected issues during the celebration.

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Hire Professionals for Private Party Planning in Lebanon

You wish to organize a private party, but with all the checklists mentioned above and the rules to adhere to, it may become too complicated and stressful. Do not be worried; it is advisable to hire professional private event planners to handle the task for you. Whether it’s selecting the right venue, coordinating various elements of the party, or handling the logistical aspect of the event, a reliable private party event planner can make it happen without any stress.

Still not sure whether to hire a private party planner or to manage everything on your own? If you have any concern, do not hesitate to contact us! Being the number one agency for private party services, Special Events Lebanon has been a go-to agency for different parties all seasons. With knowledge, skills, and connections, it becomes easy to cut on expenses, avoid stressing moments and organize a function to dream of. Contact us now.

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